May 21st, 2013

krazy koati

I light my filter, then reverse it

Sunday we had to start the day early, because the Bunnies SIG was one of the opening events for the day, a 10 am session in the suite, room 269 or 267 or what-have-you. At least it was supposed to be: the room was closed when we got there (we speculated about whether it had got cleaned up yet from the party so few hours before), and the con ops folks who came around to open it couldn't. Eventually they found someone from the hotel able to open the door, and we kept it propped open for the panel on bunnies. It would turn out by the time of the Raccoons SIG (scheduled for the same room) that the con didn't actually have the suite for that day, for reasons mysterious to me but probably just the sort of glitch that causes con chairs to age twelve years per convention day.

The delay in getting things opened probably didn't shrink the group any, at least no more than the horrible hour did, but it's always fun being beside bunny_hugger as she runs a panel, and the attendees were generously rewarded with her presence and knowledge and a few plush toys. People got to talk about rabbits and their place in pop culture, and furry culture, and share stories about stuff like people's pets, and endure a few drop-ins from carnivores insisting they eat rabbits, a joke that furries will continue repeating until it's amusing.

We checked in on the silent auction; bunny_hugger had bid on a raven T-shirt for her father, and indeed won it in modest bidding. We didn't enter bids on other things, although we did buy a couple of instant coffees and teas from the Ferret Rescue club that was the convention's charity. (The Ferret Rescue people seemed not to have got any live animals, but they did make use of a ferret fursuiter, since of course.)

There was also a charity raffle, with our getting a couple tickets just for registering, and my buying a couple extra on the spot. This was a huge number of bags of miscellaneous stuff, most of which was won by Scottish Wolf, who wasn't around. Thus was he given, over and over, the bags with Disney Princess and other such ``girly'' features, the better to help the audience giggle ridiculously. We didn't win anything, or come close to it, but that'll happen.

Trivia: When William Randolph Hearst bought the New York Morning Journal in October 1895, its offices were a portion of those in the New York Tribune building. Hearst set up his office on the second floor. Source: The Epic Of New York City: A Narrative History, Edward Rob Ellis.

Currently Reading: Halfway Human, Carolyn Ives Gilman. This book --- about a human-offshoot world in which everyone's genderless up to puberty, and then becomes male, female, or ``bland'' (and the slave class) is awfully good. I'm surprised I haven't seen more discussion of it but I will assume I've just been oblivious.