May 25th, 2013

krazy koati

I meet a lot of people when I'm with you

Monday started about as late as we could without skirting the check-out time deadline, for the obvious reasons and because we were meeting someone for lunch. This was Kefan, who lives in Columbus but whose work schedule wouldn't let him ssee us at the con or anytime but starting from noon Monday. The restaurant we planned to meet in was easy enough to find --- just down US 23 some more, past the Ohio State campus (and bunny_hugger wondering whether it was safe for her to drive past, considering she had Michigan State shirts in the luggage), and we had to admit it looks like a pretty good college town. I parked initially in a spot with a 60-minute time limit, but after bunny_hugger's worry about parking ticket enforcement on out-of-state cars near campus I moved to a two-hour spot (which, it would turn out, wouldn't matter; we would see no traffic cops went by anyway).

The restaurant we went to, after some negotiations, was a somewhat hip place which at least used to be Vegan, and it wsa devoted to the ``biodynamic method'' pioneered by ``Austrian scientist and philosopher Rudolf Seiner'', so we felt a little like we might be in for something. We weren't precisely sure about their hours either. bunny_hugger and I got there first --- we were a bit more anxious about the timing --- and got a seat outside despite the generally threatening skies. We figured to eat outside, if we could, and move in should it actually rain. The other table of people eating outside ran in at the first sprinkles, but we stuck it out and didn't get damp.

Kefan we saw as he walked down the street; somehow, he looked just like he ought, that way some people will. We had some good lunches --- vegetarian, even vegan in the case of bunny_hugger's macaronic and ``cheese'' --- although it was the kind of restaurant that'd try explaining stuff about 1920's Austrian philosopher-nutritionists with ideas for how farming with compost might better society. Still, a good lunch, and a chance to see in person someone I hadn't met before (though bunny_hugger had, at a similar post-con lunch), and to hear about his upcoming selection of movies to watch ironically.

Next to the restaurant was --- coming soon --- some kind of bakery, I believe. I mention this because I remember something about the sign striking us as amusingly ridiculous, but I can't think what it was just now. That happens.

Trivia: Roger Williams's charter, providing for the political sovereignty of what became Rhode Island, was granted in 1644 by the Parliamentary Commissioners for Plantations, presided over by Robert Rich, the Earl of Warwick. King Charles did not sign it. Source: Rhode Island: A History, William C McLoughlin.

Currently Reading: Passing For Human, Jody Scott.