May 29th, 2013

krazy koati

They had twelve sacks, so they ran sack races

There are other things going on, and other furry-related things going on, than just conventions. For example there was the big barbeque the weekend after Morphicon, held in a town just outside Detroit, and to which we went despite worries about it being a long drive, and taking us to East Pointe, which had been East Detroit for decades until they got afraid of the name driving down property values. But we do want to do more stuff, and it was a picnic, and a good-sized event and there was even talk about their somehow having a carnival; how could we turn down the chance of rides?

Although the satellite navigator tried to get us to take a road which, as best we can figure, just leads into a strip mall we found the spot, in a lovely park, and understood the carnival thing: the township just across the highway bridge was having a town carnival and this was great, convenient placement.

The picnic had the sort of relaxed hang-out atmosphere of the last night of a convention: hundreds --- literally; the official attendance count was 180 and they surely missed people --- of people milling around, many in costume or partial costume, with a tolerably pleasant day (it was a little cool, a little overcast, but never got around to raining during the picnic at least), people playing music, people eating, grilling, all this stuff. We brought some vegetarian burgers to the mix, although we would end up getting them back as surplus.

Among the happy surprises was the presence of Step, a coati fursuiter, who recognized my tail on sight. Now I just need to get my photo taken with Colby and I'll have the whole set of coati fursuiters met.

It shouldn't have surprised me so that many fursuiters took their heads off during the picnic, since while it was relatively cool, fursuits are still lined with molten aluminum and there's the need to cool off, and while there was a small tent it's not like a full headless lounge could be set up. It's still disorienting.

Some furries, particularly in suit, naturally got to the playground equipment and clowned around on or near it. A few actual uninvolved kids were around and delighted as you might expect to have bunnies and cats and huskies and all that climbing on stuff or going down the slide around you, and the parents seemed to take this all in stride.

Trivia: Life in May 1961 featured a cut-out version of the Parker Brother's Civil War-themed 1863 game, with the expectation people would try the magazine version and then buy permanent copies. Game sales were disappointing; the game did not appear in the 1962 catalogue. Source: The Game Makers: The Story Of Parker Brothers From Tiddledy Winks To Trivial Pursuit, Philip E Orbanes.

Currently Reading: One On Me, Tim Huntley. The cover promises itself to be one of those domed-city hedonist-utopia computer-ruled-dystopia books of the late 70s; that doesn't come out, but there's a fair bit of funny stuff to it, particularly in how the protagonist (an undocumented child in a child-free immortals setting) grew up on tri-D (remember when tri-D was going to replace TV?) and all he knows about, like, digging holes is you throw the shovel into the dirt, scoop a little out, then the camera cuts to when the hole is finished, and he's at a loss for what to do after his first couple shovel-fulls fail to produce the finished hole. It's apparently Huntley's only science fiction anything, but he's got a lot of movie and TV credits.