May 30th, 2013

krazy koati

So they just sat around telling knock-knock jokes

After several hours the picnic seemed to be winding down, and a few threatened rainclouds came and went, so bunny_hugger and I ventured across the highway to see what the municipal fair was like. Satisfying, certainly; it was several dozens of rides and a couple hundred feet long and wide, filling most of the municipal parking lot, the way these things should. We looked at the ticket purchases and realized the carnival really just wanted everyone to buy unlimited-ride wristbands and so gave in to that.

There weren't any roller coasters, other than one of those little things designed for kids where the cars are pulled on a tether, so our first roller coaster of the year would have to wait a couple weeks to be found yet. But there was a Musik Express and swings and a Tilt-a-Whirl and a carousel, the last of which we decided to ride as the rain started to pick up. While we were on the ride, the skies really opened up and everyone around was getting soaked. We formed a plan to stick to the carousel and to the bumper cars while the rain was on. This was probably a good plan, though by the time we had ridden the bumper cars --- with a floor strewn with puddles, to add to the navigational hazards --- the rain had mostly let up again. We spent the worst of it under cover. The poor guys on the swing ride got to slam into raindrops at ride speeds.

The search for enclosure also brought us into the fun house/mirror maze, since who wanted to spend more time in the remaining drizzle than needed, and I think we were there at just the right amount of twilight time for the maze to be its best challenge, obscuring the clear paths and making obstructed ones not so obviously closed off.

Though we'd had vegetarian burgers and nacho chips and more nacho chips and some more and cake and such at the picnic, all that eating had been literally a couple of hours before, so we also got small cups of French fries at the carnival. We also walked away from the carnival enough to poke into the municipal center, which definitely has some kind of pizza counter and maybe a roller skating rink as well. So the towns seem to be in decent enough shape.

We didn't notice other furries at the carnival, although since we took our ears and tails off for good reason --- so as not to interfere with riding --- perhaps others did the same. And maybe people in costume didn't go over at the carnival's request; we could imagine the carnival management getting all tense about mascotted characters they don't actually have anything to do with performing for the public.

We left the carnival around nine, figuring to go home. Near our car I ran across a stray red fursuit glove. We looked around a bit, didn't see anyone, saw the park's management building with its lost and found was closed, and took it home.

Trivia: Though Ed Gallagher and Al Shean claimed credit for the song ``Absolutely, Mr Gallagher? Positively, Mr Sheen'', the actual credit is obscure; Bryan Foy filed suit in June 1922 claiming he had written the song in May the previous year. The song seems to have its origins in minstrel shows and ``Mr Bones'' routines. Source: The Encyclopedia of Vaudeville, Anthony Slide.

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