June 5th, 2013

krazy koati

That office light doesn't have to be fluorescent

The boss did pop in the second day I was back in the office, late in the afternoon, so that we had maybe a half-hour of actual in-person conversation. To further the general strangeness of all this, he wanted to know whether I'd be able to set up essentially a duplicate of the project I was originally hired for, back years ago, but for another client. I knew I could, particularly with all I've learned about Asp.net coding in the meanwhile; I've been waiting for a chance to do a complete rewrite on that code so as to be generally better, and when I heard the discussions with the new client were undre way, I took a couple days and did the rewrite on spec.

So as the boss started talking about what he wanted, I was able to say, absolutely, and show him that I had a rough draft of it running already. He was impressed and said something to the effect that I was good. ``No, I'm great,'' I answered, which is more bravado than normal for me in a week but which was contextually appropriate and the sort of language he likes. He was also quite impressed with the rewritten map-based stuff that I've been working on and which made such an exciting day of debugging out of Monday. (No new glitches were reported Tuesday, or since, I should say, and I'm glad for that.)

Before he did go he called over his new programmer, someone who was apparently on the floor with me all Monday and Tuesday and whose presence I never suspected. (The building, obviously a converted house, makes it easy to just not see people if you don't go wandering around the halls looking into rooms.) But he had to run, as he takes the train home and if he lingered too long he'd be stuck for hours. Good way of escaping boss meetings.

I also saw the boss for an hour or two on Wednesday, confirming that I was quite well-informed about what he wanted to do and pretty advanced in actually doing it, so I hope he's happy with what he spent to get me out there for a week.

Trivia: The Confederate Navy managed to construct 22 ironclads. Source: The Confederate Nation, 1861 - 1865, Emory M Thomas.

Currently Reading: Falling To Earth: An Apollo 15 Astronaut's Journey To The Moon, Al Worden, Francis French.

PS: How Big Is This Number? Answered, and since it was already answered, I give out a fresh mental arithmetic puzzle.