June 6th, 2013

krazy koati

That office chair doesn't have to be foam rubber

So a little bit about the new programmer. He's an older guy, with a pretty serious Polish accent (I'm trusting: they don't actually list his name on the new phone list and only his first name is used in his company e-mail because he says it was ``too hard'' for the tech guys), and he'd apparently retired from a business that did computer stuff in a much more thoughtful and organized fashion that we ever do. He would, on Wednesday, ask me some things I couldn't really answer about how the login schemes are done, and speculate about how much utility could come from making my main project work as a web service.

I suspect he's right, although I don't know how to make stuff into web services or what exactly web services offer as advantages over web pages. I've barely got the hang of that thing where instead of making a page named, say, Search.aspx, you make it the default page in a directory named Search, so that if you decide later you need to change to PHP or whatever Microsoft unveils to replace Asp.net you don't have to go through changing URLs and invalidating bookmarks and the like. So talking with him is the unsettling feeling of being in a conversation with a guy who knows your field better than you do. However, he does say that everything I've done is amazing. He also downloaded dozens of books about OpenLayers so he can start to understand web-based map stuff. Good luck; I never achieved that status myself.

Although the boss only wanted to see me through Wednesday, I thought I should take the time while I was in the office to see some projects to completion. I can do all my programming remotely, of course, but through logmein and our home DSL there's this slight moving-through-molasses quality, and I did feel like even if the boss wasn't there to see me everyone else ought to, to prove I'm still at work. And I did finish the coding projects, and have time to talk with pretty much everyone in the office, so they at least don't feel like I've vanished completely only to bring the boss back when I make occasional reappearances. Also, I rediscovered what the evening traffic heading shoreward in summer is like; it's bad, even from the opposite side of the state.

Trivia: An Italian recipe for ice cream dating to 1794 survives. Once the mixture was prepared, ``the vase is buried in snow layered with salt and frozen''. Other recipes of the period list cocoa as an ingredient for lasagna or to be added to fried liver. Source: Chocolate Wars: the 150-Year Rivalry Between The World's Greatest Chocolate Makers, Deborah Cadbury.

Currently Reading: Marlborough, J R Jones.