June 22nd, 2013

krazy koati

It's so lonely just sitting and dreaming of that girl a thousand miles away

So a year ago, as of this posting's dateline, I believe I was in my car, wondering if Ohio ever came to an end. It was bad enough driving forever across I-80 in Pennsylvania, but even when that state was through I'd have hour upon hour more to go. I'm not a long-distance driver, by inclination; the longest drive I believe I'd ever had before was from Troy, New York, back to my parents' home, in grad school days, and that was a decade or more in the past however good I got at the ride down the Northway to the Thruway to 17 to the Parkway to the Turnpike. Driving from New Jersey to Michigan would be more than twice that longest-drive-ever, and I really wanted to do it in one day, if I could.

The point of this was to leave behind my old life and come to live with bunny_hugger, just in time for the whirlwind ten days that would culminate in our wedding. Perhaps I'd have been safer if I'd stopped somewhere in eastern Ohio and slept overnight; I was getting pretty exhausted by about this hour back then, and I know I missed some landmarks I shouldn't have, such as the wrestling bears in Dundee, Michigan. (They're harder to spot from the highway going north than you might think.)

Sometimes bunny_hugger expresses worries that I'm terribly homesick, or that she's done violence to my character by moving me from a state that has been so very much my home. I wish she didn't. My only regret about moving out a year ago is that I took so very long to do it. I should have come home sooner.

Trivia: The Continental Congress's 1775 election of Benjamin Franklin as first Postmaster-General for the nation was unanimous. Source: The First American: The Life And Times Of Benjamin Franklin, H W Brands.

Currently Reading: The Temperature of History, Stephen G Brush.

PS: Where Do Negative Numbers Come From?, a partial answer to a question I'd gotten about the history of understanding and acceptance of negative numbers.