June 24th, 2013

krazy koati

To run where the brave dare not go

Well, one more ``Pay The Rent''. Or ``Pay The Wedding'', as back on Monday (the 17th) The Price Is Right did a special ``Wedding Shower'' episode, featuring Cliffhangers played for a $47,000 trip to Aruba (with two dozen people going, so it could be a destination wedding, you see). That was won, by the way, as should be.

The prizes for this ``Pay The Rent'' were Biscuits ($2.59), Oven cleaner ($5.49), Margarine ($1.59), Crystal Light lemonade ($3.49), Smuckers Goober Peanut Butter and Jelly ($3.99) for everybody who finds peanut butter separate from jelly just too confusing, and Body wash ($2.29). As the range of prices indicates, they're not being so generous now.

The contestants put the Lemonade in the first level (level $3.49); then the Margarine and Biscuits ($4.18 total and a rare combination that makes syntactic sense, too); then the Peanut Butter and Jelly with the Body wash ($6.28 and sensible if you're a very sloppy eater); and carried on in the hopes that the Cleaner would be more than six and a quarter dollars (level $5.49), thus, losing the $10,000 they could've had for sure.

As best I can tell there's just the one possible solution: Peanut Butter and Jelly on the first level ($3.99); then Biscuits and Body wash ($4.88, so much for syntax); then Margarine and Lemonade ($5.08); and then the Cleaner ($5.49). This is just like last time, and mighty tight compared to the flush days before the game was finally won. (The commenters at golden-road.net say the game's been played a total of 33 times, counting this one.) It could have been worse; I initially made a mistake in transcribing the prices, putting the Body wash at $2.99 and making a scenario which had no valid solutions. I had half-composed an essay about the injustice of this and the gross immorality of the production team and speculating whether the contestants had got the $100,000 as compensation for playing a broken game (usually the grand prize is given if a pricing game is broken), but all those words went unsaid when I double-checked. Well, it is one thing to be difficult and another to be impossible, even if the $10,000 payout that surely counts as the real win is always possible.

The range of price prizes this season has been $3.90, $4.80, $4.70, $3.10, $7.90, $9.40, $15.50, $11.40, $7.00, and now $3.90 (see the door closing); the range of (most generous) level prices has been $3.20, $2.00, $2.10, $1.30, $7.90, $9.40, $15.50, $11.40, $5.00, and a razor-thin $1.50 now.

Trivia: Fredric Taylor's ice trade with Havana, Cuba, for 1810 earned a total of $7,400, for a thousand dollars profit, his first in the project. Source: The Frozen-Water Trade: A True Story, Gavin Weightman.

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