July 17th, 2013

krazy koati

But chilly, chilly is the evening time

Although we couldn't go onto the Casino Pier, bunny_hugger and I could ride the Floyd Moreland Carousel --- and we did, happily, and if I'm not mistaken even finding the mounts that share our middle names, the way we di the first time we rode it --- we could walk up and down the boardwalk and see the weird normalcy of the post-Sandy summer. The oddest normal thing was a new ice cream parlor, connected in some way with a Hershey's that isn't the Hershey's Chocolate Company, in a building topped with fiberglass ice cream scoops that just look perfect, down to those sprinkles of frost that form on a big enough scoop of ice cream. Opposite the new-laid boardwalk from that are the twisted poles of the downed sky ride. (Also visible from this end are Pirates Hideaway roller coaster and the displaced-but-presumably-returning Hot Tamales kiddie coaster.)

Back towards the FunTown Pier end, well, many of the shops and arcades were in business. We visited a jewelry shop where bunny_hugger's found attractive beach-type things in the past, and she did again. She also noticed they had ornaments carved from salvaged boardwalk wood, showing scenes like FunTown Pier from before its destruction, or the Star Jet roller coaster after it had dropped in the water. (We're not sure if this is just poor taste or a bad decision to keep staring at the wound instead of letting it heal.) I bought one showing FunTown Pier.

We'd wondered too if the Berkeley Sweet Shop would be open: it was near the pier and was of course in Seaside Heights, but bunny_hugger's father hoped we could get some salt water taffy from ``that good place''. I worried when, from the jewelry shop, I could see the taffy machine not running, but maybe Sundays are just a slow production day. The shop was open and in good working order, it seemed, and we got a box of taffy for her father (he'd wanted about half liquorice and half other things, or as he put it, ``a cup of liquorice, a cup of something else, another cup of liquorice, a cup of something else, etc'') and a tub for ourselves that we'd be nibbling on till well after we got back to Lansing.

Trivia: Containerized cargo vessels entering service in 1978 could handle up to 3,500 twenty-foot containers, more than had entered all United States ports combined during an average week in 1968. Source: The Box: How The Shipping Container Made The World Smaller And The world Economy Bigger, Marc Levinson.

Currently Reading: Detroit City Is The Place To Be: The Afterlife Of An American Metopolis, Mark Binelli.