July 25th, 2013

krazy koati

And we'll find a way through the city streets

At the risk of smothering the coverage of my and bunny_hugger's Great Adventure trip, we had to talk about something else: we went to the sea lion show. This was in one of the old parts of the park, the little aqua stadium, where I remember them having dolphin shows back in the 70s and 80s before everyone agreed that it's kind of a jerk move to make dolphins do five-a-day vaudeville acts of grabbing fish from trainers' mouths, except that performing animal shows are really cool. It's still kind of a jerk move, but it's also still really cool, and we caught the show with just those sorts of mixed expectations.

At the show was, by the way, one of the executive-types who'd been pointing at things at the Safari ride (and who bears a modest resemblance to a friend from spindizzy_muck for a bonus); he was just sitting and watching the show. The show also opened with music we immediately recognized as that used for the Cedar Downs ride at Cedar Point. bunny_hugger had suspected it of being a generic peppy-upbeat sort of track bought from some music wholesaler; now, we have the proof. This would not be the only bit of Cedar Point perfidy we would discover: one of the redemption games near the Giant Ferris Wheel was giving out GateKeeper plushes --- without the ride name, of course --- as prize. They're huge plushes, bigger than we saw at Cedar Point, so they must be for impossibly good game performances.

The show's theme was of being a contest between a ``team average'' made of some volunteers and some sea lions doing little stunts like singing or dancing, and if you were wondering, Gangnam Style is now old enough that sea lion shows have incorporated it into their dance routines. And we were left thinking that, boy, it's a shame that sea lions have to go through the work of being made into show animals, but, boy are they cool show animals. Just the way they can move is astounding. It's probably the excuse for any animal performing act that these inspire some people to care about and even love animals they weren't thinking of before, but, sometimes it's so.

Beside the Aqua Stadium or whatever it's properly called are the old lakeside grandstands, where I remember their doing water skiing shows in the 80s, when water skiing shows were all that impressive. It's also where I remember their shooting off fireworks. They don't seem to do that either, or at least not regularly, anymore. The grandstand is just deserted and empty and has the dusty remains of what was once a food stall inside it. I'm glad there's bits of Old Great Adventure to show off, and that I could share with bunny_hugger the slight spookiness of being in one of the park's backwaters.

Trivia: In the first (25 May 1943) radio broadcast of Sorry, Wrong Number, the actor playing the killer missed his cue, leaving many listeners confused about the precise outcome. Source: On The Air: The Encyclopedia Of Old-Time Radio, John Dunning.

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