August 4th, 2013

krazy koati

I said, the stick shift, push it to the up and right

Since we had the time, we spent more of it wandering around the piers, which shouldn't understate the time we spent actually riding things. But we had the chance to dip into places like the Winterwood shop with all sorts of Christmas ornaments --- bunny_hugger collects particularly these stamped-brass figures --- and to a dragon-themed glow-in-the-dark minigolf spot.

This was a great nine-hole course, with some wonderfully disorienting settings, such as one hole in front of a forced-perspective painting of a much more distant hole, or a floor painted to look like a few narrow bridges over a lava chasm. And of course there's plenty of dragons. The final return-your-ball hole was the usual sort of thing with three risers to the holes. bunny_hugger said the win-a-game hole could be gotten only with an impossible freak-luck bounce so of course she got it. It won't surprise you to know she got this after possibly her worst mini-golf game on record.

We stopped in at an ice cream parlor thinking of the obvious, and bunny_hugger noticed they had home-brewed sodas as well as the usual. She asked if she could get an ice cream float with one of their flavor sodas, and the cashier said sure and went about making one. The foam that resulted wasn't just excessive, it was mind-bogglingly excessive, wave after wave of foam in great crashing tides that threatened to wash away dining tables and caused the Coast Guard to issue soda undertow warnings, and making me think of that joke which Immanuel Kant swore was really funny and explained in detail. (I also think it's funny, but bunny_hugger doesn't think much of it.) The cashier explained that actually, nobody had asked for an ice cream float with one of their sodas as the base before so she wasn't sure how much soda and how much ice cream to mix. While we both found it hard to believe bunny_hugger was the first, I admit the float that the cashier made for me, also with one of their flavors, was rather less over-foamed.

We walked up the whole length of the pier and then turned onto the beach, where among other things we saw weird behavior from the black-headed seagulls: They settled in about where the last of a wave brushes over the sand, and then do this quick little almost dance-type step, churning up the sand under them. We watched a lot of this and couldn't quite get what they were getting out of it, particularly as we'd never noticed seagulls doing that before. It's apparently a way of churning up some tiny organisms so as to better eat them. Who knew?

Trivia: On Mission Day 11, the first Skylab crew completed an Earth Resources pass, photographing the surface of the Earth in high detail, only to notice as they had failed to open the door which protected the high-quality optical window. Source: Homesteading Space: The Skylab Story, David Hitt, Owen Garriott, Joe Kerwin.

Currently Reading: The World Of Jimmy Breslin, Jimmy Breslin. (``With annotations by James G Bellows and Richard C Weld.'') Columns from his time at the New York Herald Tribune.