September 8th, 2013

krazy koati

Let's pick up our friends

With the to-someday-operate roller coaster looked at we went to one of the actually operating roller coasters, the Twister, the mirror-reconstruction of the one from Elitch Gardens, Denver. This is a beautiful wooden roller coaster, looking almost like a defining case of wooden roller coaster. As the name implies it's a very twisty roller coaster, all helixes and turns, and it probably gets overshadowed by the legendary story of the Phoenix --- rescued and transported against all sense --- and the morbid fascination of waiting to see if the Flying Turns ever opens, but this is one of the roller coasters that would measurably improve any park it was set in. (For example, I can find a Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 recreation of Phoenix, and of the Kozmo's Curves kiddie coaster, but not Twister.) It's a great ride, particularly in that it doesn't have a dull stretch at the end of the track; it goes into spirals, for a satisfying resolution to it all.

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Trivia: Until the mid-30s nine of ten Japanese automobiles were either the Ford ``Economy-Car'' or the GM ``Popular Car''. Source: Car Wars: The Untold Story, Robert Sobel.

Currently Reading: Naming Infinity: A True Story Of Religious Mysticism and Mathematical Creativity, Loren Graham, Jean-Michel Kantor.