September 9th, 2013

krazy koati

And do amusement parks USA.

The Black Diamond, I'd mentioned, was the ride relocated from Wildwood, where it'd been a dark ride for one of the less popular piers. Knoebels bought it and moved it, and re-themed it from a wild west/gold mine to an eastern Pennsylvania/coal mine theme and the ride works very nicely here. It's longer than we expected it to be, and faster --- there's a solid roller coaster in there and I don't feel awkward that lists like the Roller Coaster Database or the Coaster Count page I started using credit it for roller-coaster-ness. There's a fine set of props and stunts, and we were delighted that they had a section themed to Centralia, which we'd been discussing before.

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We got dinner at the Turkey Hill convenience store/gas station, since we missed the chance to have dinner in the park, and supposed that finding an open restaurant in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, was a bit ridiculous. It tasted fantastic, the way a humble dinner after an outstanding park will.

Trivia: Christopher Latham Sholes's first prototype typewriter, finished in July 1867, had one key, a telegraph key, which would produce the letter W. Source: The Wonderful Writing Machine, Bruce Bliven Jr.

Currently Reading: Naming Infinity: A True Story Of Religious Mysticism and Mathematical Creativity, Loren Graham, Jean-Michel Kantor.