September 15th, 2013

krazy koati

But you'll do it with a girl

Our next park, that Sunday, was Conneaut Lake Park. But on thinking it over and how I want to organize all this trip report, well ... It's so hard to believe that I intend to skip over it, to report on Waldameer and our drive home, before returning to Conneaut Lake Park because it is surely the crown jewel of our experience and it will make everything after a sorry anticlimax. It deserves this special attention. I promise.

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So Waldameer seems to be that weird exceptional (unique?) park that actually managed the trick of turning the sale of its crown jewels into long-term survival. You never see that. Pennsylvania parks are a weird breed.

Trivia: The famous gossip columnist was born Walter Winchel; it was mistakenly put as Winchell on a theater marquee and he kept the extra `l'. Source: Know-it-All, A J Jacobs.

Currently Reading: Americanos: Latin America's Struggle For Independence, John Charles Chasteen. I didn't expect it to open with Alexander Humbolt.

PS: Feynman Online Physics, pointing to a great physics resource.