September 17th, 2013

krazy koati

And mess around at the park all day

If you look at Waldameer Park's location, literally on Lake Erie in the triangle of Pennsylvania, and consider any sensible route to the middle of Michigan, you realize that the path of course takes you right past Cedar Point, in Sandusky. Why not chop up a day of driving by just popping into the park, where we have season passes, for a couple hours and have the thrill of just happening to be going past such a thrill park and being able to just pop in for it?

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And so, three and something hours later, we got home.

Trivia: In 1785, Pennsylvania agreed to cede its claims on (most) land between the 42nd and 43rd parallels (reaching north past Albany), in exchange for New York ceding its claims on land beyond the westernmost longitude of Lake Ontario, giving Pennsylvania the triangle on lake Erie. Source: How The States Got Their Shapes, Mark Stein.

Currently Reading: Americanos: Latin America's Struggle For Independence, John Charles Chasteen.