September 28th, 2013

krazy koati

I'm thinking, wouldn't it be great if it was like this all the time

Believe it or not I'm not finished describing all the stuff we did over the summer. I'm getting there, though.

We only really got to one county fair this season, although there's kind of a footnote to that we'll get to. That fair wasn't the Ingham County one (where Lansing is) or the one we got to last year, but instead, Jackson County's. This is a much bigger fair than the others in the area, and bunny_hugger had noted the last time she was there --- incredibly, a decade ago --- they'd had a roller coaster. It had been a couple weeks from the end of our Pennsylvania Parks Tour, but it's not like we were worn out of riding new roller coasters.

Unfortunately, the Jackson County Fair didn't have a roller coaster. The nearest it had was a Ring of Fire, which is a vertical loop with a train of cars that rocks back and forth and upside-down. She hadn't ridden that before, on the grounds that it looks horrifying, but I was up for it and she gave it a try too. I'm not sure I'd try it again, partly because you spend a good time hanging upside-down in restraints that are ... well, big foam-padded metal bars which I know rationally are secure but don't feel very comfortable. The ride operator on the Ring of Fire managed some pretty cool Pennsylvania Parks moves by hopping across the ride while the cars were slowing down to their final stop, though.

The Fair also had a surprising number of funhouses --- at least four, I believe --- with some great fairground artwork. One I particularly liked had as details a train schedule listing various fictional places such as Hogwart's and Piscataway.

We went to the fair with bunny_hugger's parents, and spent a lot of the day walking around, evaluating different elephant's ears, and watching her father compare the rabbits on display for their size relative to our own pet rabbit. Also talking back to the goats, who were awfully good in chattering in amusing ways.

The only ride we had a ridiculously long wait for, and it was a ridiculously long wait, was ... I forget the name of the ride class, but it's on Casino Pier nowadays as the Super Storm. This had a mob in front of it, and I guessed it was something like ten ride cycles ahead of us and was shocked to be right. It's a great ride, swinging people on a huge pendulum while also rotating them around that pendulum axis, with flashing lights for part of the ride; it's just embarrassing that we forced bunny_hugger's parents to wait through all that line. We didn't think it'd be that long.

Trivia: The initial, 1950, federal Disaster Relief Act authorized the President to spend only five million dollars. Source: The Culture of Calamity: Disaster and the Making of Modern America, Kevin Rozario.

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