October 1st, 2013

krazy koati

Looking for a home

There's a couple things from Saturday that I managed to forget to include. Well, one may have been Sunday --- I'm not positive --- but bunny_hugger thinks it had to have been Saturday. Let me fill in those gaps. Also, if you've been looking for photographs of our various trips and are impatient waiting for mine, you should know bunny_hugger is doing her own trip report with photographs integrated into the events. Those pictures are just a subset of those she's got on Flickr, so please don't overlook that all.

The one set on an uncertain day was while we were in Northport and looking for somewhere we could eat and not quite finding anything offhand because the restaurants were aimed at tourists a bit more upscale than we were. bunny_hugger said to me, in a quiet tone, something like ``Boy, and I used to think Suttons Bay was the more chi-chi place''. A guy the other side of the street and walking the other direction called out ``That's what I thought too!'' and strode on. We were amazed by all this repeatedly over the week.

Another moment was again in Northport as we wandered around the beach. A guy and two kids were there, with the younger kid running out into the water and the bigger kid standing warily at the edge. The little kid and the adult were trying to coax the bigger kid into the water and he was having none of that, asking such background questions as ``are there fish in there?'' And yes, they admitted, there are fish in the Traverse Bay, but they aren't going to be bothering him. ``Are there eels in the water?'' And the adult granted that there were eels in Lake Michigan, but they were not going to be anywhere within wading distance. The little kid kept pressuring the bigger one and finally the bigger kid stepped out far enough to maybe get the lower half the lower half of his ankles wet, under protest. The adult looked to us with a ``can you believe this?'' I just marvelled at getting to see the real live Petey from the comic strip Cul de Sac.

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So we drew our thoughts more intensely to the part that isn't the moral law within us, at least until we'd had our fill of the meteors and of the cold.

Trivia: The French Republican calendar month of Messidor was translated into Italian as Messidoro, into German as Erntemonat, and into Dutch as Oogstmaand. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

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