October 10th, 2013

krazy koati

Want horse, I want sheep,

Friday, our last day. What was there to do but check out of the hotel and say our goodbyes to a peninsula that felt very much like home after so little time?

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As we drew closer to home we had to stop at a gas station. Somewhere past the trees was something earning fireworks, and that's the festival air that was given to our last bit of vacation.

Trivia: Springfield, Massachusetts, was known as Agawam, the name of William Pynchon's plantation in the spot, before a town meeting of 16 April 1640. Source: The Old Post Road, Stewart H Holbrook. (Residents also thought they were in Connecticut when they settled it.)

Currently Reading: Sodom By The Sea: An Affectionate History of Coney Island, Oliver Pilat. This is indeed a very affectionate history, and I recognize many of its claims to fact as being currently accepted wisdom, although it's possible that this book (published 1941) was the source for many modern books. On the other hand it goes into things like details of how some of the shows or ride experiences and that's too often glided over these days.