October 19th, 2013

krazy koati

Standing in the middle of nowhere

When Kennywood broke our hearts back in July, closing at barely 7:30 pm, they had people standing by the entry gate to hand out rain checks, a bit of kindness that made bunny_hugger run off and cry out ``KENNYWOOD IS AWESOME!'', which it is. But the rain check was good for only the rest of the calendar year, which would be only to mid-September as it wouldn't let us in for the Halloween events, and was that really worth going to? Yes, we decided, and that's how we made an early September weekend (I'm hoping someday to get my blog back to reporting on stuff done the month I tell it) our Rain Check Trip.

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But we left at about sunset, and drove back to Pittsburgh where we found our old friend the Red Roof Inn.

Trivia: 45 Huguenot families settled in an area now known as Frenchtown in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, in 1686, although they soon moved to land which would be disputed between Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and then left the area altogether. Source: Rhode Island: A History, William G McLoughlin.

Currently Reading: Images Of America: Conneaut Lake Park, Michael E Costello.