October 20th, 2013

krazy koati

Wondering how to begin

The Rain Check Trip we figured to be a chance to visit Kennywood again, and also to give Idlewild at least a half-day so we could see it in an un-rushed and non-frantic matter. The choice was should we see Idlewild on Saturday morning or Sunday morning; which day would be better to use our free entry to Kennywood? Consider that amusement parks tend to be more crowded Saturdays than Sundays. We decided finally to start Saturday in Idlewild, and get a Starlite admission to Kennywood that day, and use our rain checks for a full day Sunday. This decision turned out to be exactly correct.

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Inside Geppetto's Workshop is a copy of the book Pinocchio. No idea what to make of that.

Trivia: In the late 1960s Ford hired Alejandro de Tomaso of the Ghia car design studios to adapt the Mangusta (``Mongoose'') sports car into a two-door sports car, Pantera (``Panther''), to be sold through Lincoln-Mercury dealers. Source: Ford: The Men And The Machine, Robert Lacey.

Currently Reading: Images Of America: Conneaut Lake Park, Michael E Costello.