October 21st, 2013

krazy koati

Lost between tomorrow and yesterday

We spent long enough in the Story Book Forest that most of the park opened, including, the food stands. And it was lunchtime after all. That day --- which I must note was in early September --- Idlewild park was celebrating Oktoberfest, with a giant inflatable German kid in stockings and holding a pretzel; in the food pavilion behind, the Root Beer Garden, were various German foods and root beers as well as a small band leading kids in dances and attempted theme song quizzes. Have you heard the theme to Rescue Rangers played as an oom-pah piece? We hadn't either, until then. I believe they also tried some James Bond themes.

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Nevertheless, we did intend to get to Kennywood for the evening.

Trivia: The original (1816) constitution of the American Bible Society required that 24 of its 36 managers live in Manhattan or the vicinity. (The city had the best printing industry in the country, including the first stereotyping facilities in the nation.) Source: Gotham: A History Of New York City To 1898, Edwin G Burrows, Mike Wallace.

Currently Reading: Images Of America: Conneaut Lake Park, Michael E Costello.