October 22nd, 2013

krazy koati

Between now and then

We expected Kennywood would be busy because amusement parks tend to be busy on Saturdays and, of course, we were there because we had rain checks. Kennywood issues rain checks, for evening or for full-day admission, all summer, and in their last weeks of validity --- September weekends --- people get to using them. We expected a bit of a crowd, but thought hopefully we might be able to park in the free lot a short walk from their entrance gate. No. Well, maybe up the hill a bit to the second level parking lot. No. Up all the way to the third tier of parking, remarkably far from the gate, far enough that there's a ski lift to bring people to and from the front gate. It wasn't running --- bunny_hugger hasn't seen it running --- but apparently on the most busy of days it does indeed go into service, including (we would learn) back on the 26th of July, when we were discovering Knoebel's. We were dreading the long walk down (and worse, back up) when we saw the courtesy shuttle.

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This would bring us into the wonderful nighttime at Kennywood, with the park all lit up and shrouded in darkness, and with the joyful news that the park was staying open to 10:30 pm, weather permitting.

Trivia: New York City classifies pigeons as livestock, a holdover from the days when the animals were mostly used as a food source. Source: Superdove: How The Pigeon Took Manhattan ... And The World, Courtney Humphries.

Currently Reading: Sputnik and the Soviet Space Challenge, Asif A Siddiqi.