October 23rd, 2013

krazy koati

And now we're back where we started

Kennywood looks good at night. It also looks good during the day, and during twilight. But of all the charming times of day to visit the park, night's the one I hadn't seen before.

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Every person in the world was waiting for the shuttle bus up to the uppermost tier of parking, and we figured to just sit as comfortably as possible and wait it out. We could look back at the park some more. It was only two or three shuttle cycles until we got up in comfort, and to the uppermost parking lot which by then looked stunningly empty.

Trivia: The American Standards Association's MH-5 committee, debating (in 1965-66) whether to add 24-foot and 35-foot containers as ``standard'' sizes for containerized cargo, ultimately came to a vote of 5 votes yes, 15 votes no, and 54 voting abstaining or absent. Source: The Box: How The Shipping Container Made The World Smaller And The World Economy Bigger, Marc Levinson.

Currently Reading: Sputnik and the Soviet Space Challenge, Asif A Siddiqi.

PS: Split Lines, bringing up a tiny point that isn't actually mocking a student.