October 24th, 2013

krazy koati

Here we go round again

bunny_hugger told me Sunday that she figured to wear her Lakemont Park T-shirt featuring Leap-the-Dips. I told her I was wearing mine. She thought I was kidding. I'm too dumb to make a joke like that. She was worried we looked like the Bobsey twins. I pointed out the shirts are completely slightly different shades of blue. We went in to Kennywood with very similar shirts anyway. This would affect the day.

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One of the food stands, back outside Lost Kennywood, between the Thunderbolt roller coaster and the Noah's Ark, is called the Lucky Stand. It sells corn dogs, funnel cakes, soda, that sort of thing. Why is it called Lucky? According to its marker, ``Nobody remembers why it was --- and is --- called The Lucky.'' But it notes the 1930 stand is the last of the structures with a pre-Great Depression style, and suggests ``perhaps someone guessed that it would be a survivor''. All the buildings and rides, except for the Turtle and debatably Thunderbolt (as the Pippin roller coaster, used as a starting point for Thunderbolt, was there), that were there when the stand was built in 1930 are now gone. There's always something fascinating about imagining how a particular spot has changed, and we could wonder: if we were to find ourselves in 1930 on our next footfall, we'd have two and a half landmarks to orient ourselves, this little octagonal structure with a wide roof and a roof with a series of receding pillars, like the classic wedding-cake setback skyscrapers of 1920s Manhattan, one of them.

Trivia: Edison's (practical) carbon filament light bulb (the first successful examples of which were proven out in October 1879) was first announced in the New York Herald of 21 December 1879. Source: A History Of Mechanical Inventions, Abbott Payson Usher.

Currently Reading: Sputnik and the Soviet Space Challenge, Asif A Siddiqi.