October 26th, 2013

krazy koati

Day after day I get up and I say

The Sky Rocket roller coaster had a good-sized line, for the day, which passed very quickly because of our Leap-the-Dips T-shirts. A guy, in a tie-dye t-shirt, with a teenage kid similarly dressed, noticed the shirts and we actually started to talk. The guy's an amusement park enthusiast, and was mightily impressed that we had been to Lakemont just this year, and was even more impressed that we had come all the way from Lansing just to make use of our rain checks. As he noted, just what we spent on gas overwhelmed the value of the tickets. We didn't mention the hotel, and realized later that he might have thought we day-tripped from Lansing to Pittsburgh, which ... would be something else. He'd felt he had made quite a drive with his family to get there and it was just an hour or so for him.

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Then we got back to the hotel and didn't know what the heck was going on.

Trivia: Rocket Rinking Toffee, a candy dating to 1910, was marketed as being for ice skaters. Source: Sweets: A History of Temptation, Tim Richardson.

Currently Reading: Enterprise, Jerry Grey. Late-70s book about the history of the space shuttle and how incredibly incredible its incredibleness was going to be. It talks a good bit about the need for more economical spacecraft, which is of course done best by fully-reusable craft as an article of faith, and every now and then it pauses to mention how liberal Senators kept popping up to spoil the fun of having any technology at all what with stuff like not believing there were going to be sixty shuttle missions in a year and that we could maybe do all right with three orbiters instead of five.