October 27th, 2013

krazy koati

I better do it again

Now, the ice cream story I unaccountably forgot: one of Kennywood's signature items is an ice cream on a stick. This is a brick of ice cream (literally a rectangular parallelepiped, within the normal limits of what you can do with ie cream), covered in chocolate, covered in either sprinkles or nuts, and topped with a cherry. We didn't know or didn't think of it in July, or our first day there, but our Sunday was warm and pleasant enough that we got over to the stand and got our sticks. bunny_hugger got it with rainbow sprinkles, I got nuts. She got one cherry (on a toothpick) on top, I got two. We sat and ate in some of the open pavilion space nearby. She shouldn't have envied my cherries: I tried to eat around them, saving them for last, and as a result they slipped over and fell on the ground. I put them in the bushes where the squirrels could get them. bunny_hugger's mother, hearing of this, said it used to be a fairly common thing. Of course Kennywood would have as a signature item a kind of ice cream pop that's faded from commonality. The ice cream on a stick thing is great, and we'll be up for more of them.

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We got home, and a couple days later properly concluded the Rain Check Ticket as we got to see bunny_hugger's parents, and retrieved our pet rabbit, who hopped into his cage and announced that he was never leaving his cage again. He was wrong, of course.

Trivia: By the 1640s the Vatican was receiving complaints that priests were celebrating Mass with lighted cigars. Pope Urban VIII banned smoking in church. Source: 1493: Uncovering The New World Columbus Created, Charles C Mann.

Currently Reading: Enterprise, Jerry Grey. Ah-hah. Apparently the United States only barely escaped bankruptcy under the harsh regime of Carter's alternate-energy development programs, and just barely missed a second Dark Ages as a result of his insistence on developing programs with obvious benefits to ordinary people. Also, he's not saying that T A Heppenheimer's many critiques of O'Neill's proposed colonies --- and rivalry as a space-colony popularizer --- was financially motivated but Grey does point out Heppenheimer's University of Michigan doctorate didn't help him get a sound academic career by then and he was making a living hawking California real estate, plus you know he only left O'Neill's group after getting rejected for a grant.