November 10th, 2013

krazy koati

Hello again, it's you and me

So, other miscellanies of the visit east: my storage locker. I got one way back when I left grad school to go to Singapore, because I just had all the stuff you'd need for an apartment that wasn't sensible to send to Singapore. Eventually most of the furniture ended up with one of my brothers, and most of the rest was either trimmed down --- books sent to gafennec, for example --- or thrown out or actually moved to my new home. But during all that time, and I do mean all that time, my father was obsessed with the idea that I could get a smaller storage locker. I pointed out repeatedly that no, what I had could not fit in a unit smaller than ten-by-ten, but he kept insisting I think about it. Bear in mind, he was not paying for this locker, although he did use it to store stuff when I couldn't easily get back and toss it back out again, so why he worried about this is one of those mysteries of how parents work.

I'd got most of my stuff out last year, but had a bit of furniture left and figured to just let that rest until I could get back out and deal with it, probably by putting it on Craigslist. When my parents started preparing the house for putting on the market, my mother asked if they could use the locker, with now plenty of space, for storage on their own and, well, of course they could. For all I owe them, covering the cost of a storage locker for a couple months is nothing.

So would you now be surprised that sometime between May and September --- my mother wasn't sure when --- my father went to the storage locker office and cancelled my old storage locker rental in favor of a slightly cheaper one? Not by getting a smaller one, but by getting one that's facing the outside and so not temperature-controlled. He'd done all the moving of stuff, so, I guess that's left him happy, but I'll be really glad when everything about this is done and my father can put his long storage locker obsession behind him.

Trivia: One of the pioneers in baseball uniforms with logos was the Maple Leaf Club of Guelph, Ontario, with a uniform ``made of grey cloth, with tasteful trimmings of green silk. The breast is ornamented with a maple leaf of fine green silk, which shows the natural ribbing of the leaf, and is artistically done. The belt is made of a dark shade of green. The stockings were imported from Hawick, Scotland. The cap is of a grey material, with a green edge''; it was pictured in Harper's Weekly of 12 September 1874. Source: A Game Of Inches: The Story Behind The Innovations That Shaped Baseball, Peter Morris.

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