November 19th, 2013

krazy koati

Take along your goody sack

Checking in at the Breakers, the hotel on the actual Cedar Point, threatened us with a massive line because everybody wants to get in before early admission starts Friday, but there's only so much counter space at the front desk. They seemed to be trying to do something to speed things up by having a person intercept us as we entered the hotel --- walking down the long entrance corridor, itself decorated with bats and cobwebs and that hideous green-tinted fluorescent bulb that makes things look like they're in a horror movie --- and verify our registration, although it doesn't seem like this was really speeding up check-in. On the other hand we made it through the line in about half the time we were dreading so perhaps they know their business.

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We got to have a close-the-park ride on Raptor, after all, and the park is just beautiful in the darkest of night, and the cool of the night made it all the better when we got back to our finally warm hotel room.

Trivia: The last commercial operator of the Boeing 247 was Island Airlines of Port Clinton, Ohio, flying regular service to the Bass Islands of Lake Erie from 1954 until the early 1960s. The aircraft was sold to an English buyer in 1968. Source: The Boeing 247: The First Modern Airliner, F Robert van der Linden.

Currently Reading: The Number Sense: How The Mind Creates Mathematics, Stanislas Debaene.