November 24th, 2013

krazy koati

See the Great One rise before us

By the way, without spoiling the Doctor Who thing for anyone, I was astoundingly wrong in my predictions.

Even though it was cool and rainy Cedar Point was still fairly well-crowded, so we figured there was only a small chance we'd get to any of the big-name rides or the walk-through haunted houses. We had planned on using Saturday as a chance to walk through open areas, which soak up much more capacity, and take in shows, which run for about a half-hour every hour. Also, it was Sweetest Day, a holiday I never heard of because I'm not from Ohio or patches of Michigan, but which, well, I can go along with.

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So you see why this was a wonderful closing to the night.

Trivia: Astronomer Peter van de Kamp, who made the (now discredited) discovery of planets orbiting Barnard's Star, was a friend of Ira Gershwin and Peter ``P D Q Bach'' Schickle, and even composed his own blues, including ``C-Shanty'' and ``Blackout Blues''. P D Q Bach composed ``The Easy Goin' PVDK Ever Lovin' Rag'' for van de Kamp's 70th birthday. Source: The Quest For Alien Planets: Exploring Worlds Outside The Solar System, Paul Halpern. (How do you credit someone for a discovery that's since been generally regarded as untrue? It seems deeply odd to say he's credited with finding a discredited planet.)

Currently Reading: The Great Arc: The Dramatic Tale Of How India Was Mapped And Everest Was Named, John Keay.