November 25th, 2013

krazy koati

As we sing the Pumpkin chorus

Sunday we had to check out, since the hotel closes at noon for the full week between Halloweekends ... er ... weekends. I wondered if we ought to turn the lights and everything else in the room off, or if we should let the next occupants learn this is one of the delightful surprises of the place. We left it on. It's charming the room is odd in that way. I noticed this time the placard of hotel regulations (here, posted in the bathroom) mentions specifically that one is not to set unauthorized fire to state houses; I'm curious why they felt the need to single out that case and why it rated mention at Cedar Point's Breakers hotel. Probably runaway boilerplate.

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And we got a ride on the Iron Dragon roller coaster, this despite its having a line that looked shockingly long to me. That reflects the ride not having much of a queue area; if there's even a slight line --- and it's a popular ride because it's not too high or too thrilling and therefore great for people who want to ride a roller coaster but are scared by too much roller coaster --- it has to spill out into the midway. But it also has a quick-moving line --- the ride has an over-the-shoulder restraint, but no seat belts, so it's very quick to load and unload people --- so we weren't stuck there waiting forever either. It's a fun roller coaster, and we got views of the behind-the-scene areas of the Blood On The Bayou haunted walkthrough area, and to see behind-the-scene areas for one of the performance stunt shows (more about this later), and were well-positioned for the start of the parade.

Trivia: Namco manufactured over 100,000 Pac-Man video games sold in the United States. Atari manufactured twelve million cartridges for its 2600 adaptation of the game. Source: The Ultimate History of Video Games, Steven L Kent.

Currently Reading: The Great Arc: The Dramatic Tale Of How India Was Mapped And Everest Was Named, John Keay.