November 27th, 2013

krazy koati

Join with true Great Pumpkin friends

We rode Gemini, the racing coaster, and that was about our only substantial line of the day. It turned out they were only running one train, which must be the result of some serious problem on the other line, and it made us realize that we tend to ride the Blue train --- the one that was down that day --- so often that being on the Red train felt fresh and novel.

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So, with that, we left the park and concluded our Summer of Walk-ons. ... Although, of course, there was the one more weekend that Cedar Point would be open, and we didn't have anything particular planned for the next, say, Sunday, and the closing day of the season. It'd be a bit mad to make a day trip to Cedar Point not seven full days after the last one, but ... why not?

Trivia: Fred Thompson publicized the 1903 opening of Luna Park on Coney Island with the claim that the park cost a million dollars. (Of course, if the park did cost that, he would have surely publicized it as costing two million.) Source: The Kid Of Coney Island: Fred Thompson and the Rise of American Amusements, Woody Register.

Currently Reading: The Secret History of the World, Mark Booth. OK, this book is mad. It's an engaging mad, mind you, but it's utterly mad. So far the only sane thing mentioned has been Booth's assertion that Plato's Cave is obviously a metaphor for the skull, with our perception limited to what the contained brain receives and the world all outside that, and I don't know what philosophers make of that but I have the feeling bunny_hugger would not slap silly an Intro Phil student who suggested that. But otherwise ... I mean, when he puts forth that the reason there are inconsistent details of Jesus Christ's birth when you compare different gospels is because there were two Jesuses who in a partial reenactment of Romulus killing Remus chose to merge into a single being so as to instantiate self-awareness in a humanity finishing its transformation from a vegetable-like form of life into an animalistic one and that's a relative patch of sanity, wow, but this is a major ride.