December 6th, 2013

krazy koati

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

And now the weekend forecast:

Friday. Highs in the upper 200s, Kelvin, or the lower negative 40s in one of those freak temperature scales almanacs say exist but can't cite for actually being used by anyone but the freak temperature scale inventor. You can get into a good argument about whether ``freak'' refers to the scale or the inventor over on Usenet group alt.weird.mensuration over in the thriving Usenet community of 1997.

And kindly follow the rest of this week's big entry over at my humor blog. Other stuff that I've run since last week's What Spoons Mean were:

Trivia: After four years as deputy postmaster general for North America, Benjamin Franklin had yet to earn any money from the posting, due to the money he was putting into improving services. Franklin estimated the office owed him about £900 as of 1757. Source: The First American: The Life And Times of Benjamin Franklin, H W Brands.

Currently Reading: Humboldt's Cosmos: Alexander von Humboldt and the Latin American Journey that Changed the Way We See the World, Gerard Helferich.

PS: Golden Days, just a little something about the Pythagorean triplet we've escaped.