December 19th, 2013

krazy koati

Here's a little ghost for the offering

A bit of terrible news from work. The office manager who'd been there when I was hired, the one who retired a couple years ago, died this weekend. He'd apparently suffered a heart attack while shoveling the snow, which is a terrible and too-popular way to die.

He was a fine guy, quite wel-liked, by everyone, really. He was also quite kind to me, especially in the first months of my employment when, as a result of the boss having a motorcycle accident, I had literally no work to do: I was hired for a specific project, and the boss was the only one who knew anything about it, and he was inaccessible. The office manager was quite tolerant of this extra employee the boss had hired possibly without talking it over with him, and came in to reassure me that I was doing fine by coming in three days a week and sitting nervously at my desk, mostly reading.

He'd also be the modulating voice between the boss, who tends to be a pretty extreme fellow, and both clients and employees. That he could be liked by everyone involved despite a job that amounts to putting yourself between screaming people speaks to his talents, I suppose, and I hope he enjoyed the work. He'd only been retired for a couple of years, which isn't enough for all the time spent working so hard.

Trivia: The UPA cartoon studio produced 130 Mister Magoo cartoons for television between 1960 and 1962. They also produced a like number of Dick Tracy cartoons. Source: Of Mice And Magic, Leonard Maltin.

Currently Reading: Joseph Henry: His Life And Work, Thomas Coulson.

PS: What Do I Need To Get An A In This Class?, a bit of useful table-making for the desperate student.