December 28th, 2013

krazy koati

Everybody's got a hundred million miles to get a little bit older

At the start of November we went to the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac to see Sparks. We learned it's a really easy drive, even if it is about an hour away (Lansing is about an hour away from everything). bunny_hugger learned there was going to be a Sunday evening show there, or at least, at the Pike room upstairs of the Crofoot, featuring five bands, one of them Steven's Salute. This is a young group --- they're literally high school seniors --- that she discovered in a music show earlier this year, and that she's gotten to quite appreciate. We were almost deflected from the show because bunny_hugger's brother called, and they chatted nearly to the moment we would have to leave. We decided to make sandwiches quickly and head out and we're glad we did.

We got there frightfully near showtime, but that was all right: the guy taking our money explained the show was starting late because one of the bands hadn't shown up and they weren't sure about another one making it. We were amazed and amused by the small-local-band-ness of multiple bands missing out their gig, but worried one of them was Steven's Salute. No, the ticket-taker said, they were definitely here. bunny_hugger mentioned we had come all the way from Lansing to see them, both because it's true and because she figured it can't hurt a band if the venue management hears people came considerably out of their way just to see them.

The show was slated to run about three hours, with bands putting in a half-hour each, and Steven's Salute taking the penultimate spot. We hadn't been to a show of this format before; we would assume that coming so near the end was a prestige position, but since the show format was for the audience to come in and leave as they liked, well, people might not be coming to see the last band, and the audience was at its biggest in the middle of the show, before our boys came on.

We enjoyed all the bands, partly because we're the sort of people who do find they generally like things. There were some lovely little touches, such as, in the first band (a singer/keyboardist and a drummer) the singer apologizing that he had a bit of a cold and had something caught in his nose and he couldn't do anything about it. Someone ran a napkin up to him, and he asked the drummer to do a solo while he cleared his throat; this amounted to one crash of the drum because it was a small drum set. Fair enough. One of the other bands had to borrow the drums, I believe it was, from Steven's Salute too, which is the sort of thing I imagine small groups do when they're all in a show like that together.

Trivia: Josiah Wedgewood experimented, from 1780, with measuring the extremest temperatures in his furnaces by ``burning-shrinkage'' pyrometers: that a bulk of claylike bodies of known composition would shrink an amount determined by the greatest heat they were exposed to, and not on the length of time or the lesser temperatures endured around the peak. (They don't, but proof of that would not be shown until 1903.) Source: Inventing Temperature: Measurement and Scientific Progress, Hasok Chang.

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