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I can see right through the ground

As things go I'm not very alert regarding networking security. I know there are people who are on top of every one of the thousands of possible ways that hackers/crackers/script kiddies/whatever can subvert your computer system and do all manner of obnoxious and evil things. But, well, I'm on the Mac, and the people who seem on top of every side of computer security seem to be boring people who have passionate feelings about web browser caching protocols and who leer smugly at anyone who doesn't browse exclusively with lynx in a sandbox account with cookies turned off and can't imagine people who don't drink exclusively distilled rainwater and whatnot, so I pretty well just let it go.

But I get nervous now and then, so I got a utility for scanning my hard drive for spyware or suspected spyware. On my iBook, which I've had for four years without doing a whole lot of security-minded thinking, and which I've pretty much always run from my administrator account which I gather from web sites is bad, although nobody ever quite says clearly why, and that I haven't reformatted or anything except for the big hard drive replacement when I had that spate of trouble a year and a half ago, it came up with a total of ... zero suspect files or processes.

I'm relieved, certainly, but I also feel somehow insulted.

England's Queen Elizabeth II has arrived for her third state visit to Singapore. The last time she was here was 1972, which it happens was the same year that Merlion Park and its statue of the fish-cat Singaporean icon was unveiled. Not saying there's a connection. One of the stops will be at the flat of Thomas Pung, a man she visited in 1972. He remembers the visit quite well, and saved quite some mementos of it. One of them is a drinking glass which she was offered, although it's not clear to me she actually drank from it. It's now a family heirloom and hasn't been used for drinking in decades. It's a very 1972 floral-design drinking glass. As collectibles go that reasonably outranks my McVote '86 glass.

Trivia: Dr John Kemeny, one of the originators of the programming language BASIC, became president of Darthmouth College in 1970. Source: Life Science Library: Mathematics, David Bergamini.

Currently Reading: A Touch of Infinity, Harlan Ellison.


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