January 1st, 2014

krazy koati

All you need is love

So, there was an ice storm. You maybe heard a bit about it, since it got much of Michigan generally screwed up and didn't do any favors to other states and provinces. We hadn't really expected anything too bad for it; bunny_hugger even went in to her bookstore shift, and I picked up a couple last-minute necessities including vegetables for our rabbit and fresh wrapping paper for our presents. It seemed to be rainy but we could deal with that easily since the weather all December ranged between cold and unspeakably cold.

Overnight things got worse. The storm got just a little colder and it turned to that freezing rain and it kept going. We had a couple little flickers of the electricity, but nothing that was all that bad. It was about the same kind of flickering we see when we have the dishwasher going and the washing machine shifts between its clothes-tumbling modes. Even the Internet just flickered only momentarily. Overnight it got a little more alarming as I heard things that sounded like unhappy groans outside, but, our roof seemed to be all right and the immediate area didn't seem in peril.

Come the morning bunny_hugger said it was beautiful outside. It was, too: the tree out in front of our house was glazed and refracting light and snow in that way that makes ice storms so wonderful. And it was beautiful, yes. I'd gotten up earlier and had tried shoveling out the driveway and sidewalk and saw what it looked like up and down the block. Our property was treated quite well --- a few little branches had fallen down --- but was basically untouched. Other properties got hit much worse, with substantial branches --- almost clouds of trees --- fallen down, and an electrical cable fallen in the street, which is probably why the north end of our street was blocked off.

We discovered also there was a fallen line at the south end of the block, and that end blocked off with a traffic barrier that everybody on the street just drove around. As far as I'm aware nobody on the street seems to have lost power, though, which put us far ahead of many communities: there were blackouts all over the place, including many street lights that were just out and people apparently unaware that a blacked out traffic signal is an all-way stop. A block up our street one house even got smashed by a substantial tree.

Likely a storm a couple years ago that killed all the trees which lined the north end of our property saved us this time: anything ready to fall over already had. But we also, clearly, got quite lucky throughout.

Trivia: A reformed calendar in Persia in the 1920s, from Riza Shah Pahlavi, tried reconciling the Islamic and Gregorian calendars: the 12 months were given Persian names, the first six with 31 days, the next five with 30, the 12th having 29 (in leap year, 30) days. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Agent of Entropy, Martin Siegel. Considering it's an early 70s novel about an agent of a galaxy-spanning bureaucracy with a nigh-omniscient computer named GAG --- Gestalt And Grok --- it's really rather more interesting than average, although I admit I bought the book on the strength of this nigh-omniscient computer named GAG.