January 28th, 2014

krazy koati

We even lost Superman

I'd nearly missed it happening, but, I've reached the ten-year anniversary of my Livejournal here. If you discount the initial test post that's been 3,653 days of writing at least a little something about my life, at one post a day, with the lone exception. That's a lot of the minute detailing of my relentlessly mundane life, although to be fair, I got into writing in such detail because I was living in Singapore back when I started and saw and did things much more exotic to my friends.

I'd started back when I was very far from so many of my friends, in time zones as well as distance, and saw Livejournal as a way of keeping in those social circles. I think all those friends have moved on, although bunny_hugger soon joined and of course I'm with her joyfully every day. According to Livejournal I've crept up into about the top 2,500 of English-language authors here, surely because everybody except james_nicoll and ursulav has left for Internet social hangouts not so often affected by Russian politics.

Sometimes I do wonder what I'm doing carrying on here, although after 3,654 entries each about 350 or more words (I wonder when I did top a million words here) I suppose if I'm not breaking it off at the ten-year anniversary I'm trapped into carrying it on at least to the 28th of January, 2019. Or to post #4,000, whiever. And it is fun to go back on the things I do that interest me and form them into narratives, and even to occasionally go back and look at what I've written and live an interesting day again. I can accept that.

Trivia: Rainwater was found in the solid rocket booster joints when STS-9 was taken back from the launch pad and destacked in November 1983. Source: The Challenger Launch Decision: Risky Technology, Culture, and Deviance at NASA, Diane Vaughan.

Currently Reading: Ingenious Pursuits: Building The Scientific Revolution, Lisa Jardine.