January 30th, 2014

krazy koati

We're talking away

Now I'd like a little pause for music, since, well, talking about Airport '14 is a lot and this is a motif of the trip which I failed to talk about earlier. Music's always been important for bunny_hugger and is growing more important for me because it's important to her. A couple weeks ago I discovered that our DishTV receiver had also picked up a couple of Sirius XM stations and we got to listening mostly to the various Christmas songs channels and then the 80s channel. At my parents' home I found they had different satellite music channels, since they're on DirectTV, and we listened to some of them when there wasn't anything particular to watch or listen to. One of them included The Art of Noise's cover of the Peter Gunn theme, something neither of us knew existed, but which was pretty catchy and attention-getting because of the obvious Buggles link.

Among the Christmas presents my parents gave bunny_hugger was an oddball CD, which she had wanted because it had OK Go doing a cover of the Kinks' ``Father Christmas''. That was a pretty nice cover of it, too. The Album was a charity fundraiser from some Los Angeles morning zoo-type program which started out as a mix of songs and sketches, some loose narrative about Santa Claus being arrested in a Mel Gilbson-esque meltdown (which should give you an idea when this dated to), and needing the help of some superheroes to save Christmas, finding none willing to help (including the Wonder Twins as well as super group Asia, another Buggles link), so he has to resort to the superheroes from this morning zoo crew. Then the sketches dissolve into the horribly unfunny origin stories of these various heroes, which range from the merely boring (he's Wrong-Man!) to the unpleasant misogynistic mix of Morning Radio Guys Who Think They're Funny humor (do you suppose they went home after writing the Super-Whore sketch feeling proud of themselves?), and boy they could have used more covers of Christmas songs and less morning zoo sketch comedy.

Another spot of music we discovered was in the rental car. As we were driving to Delaware the central Jersey radio station we'd been listening to --- it had started on some 80s mix station --- started to fade, and with a scan of the dial sounding unpromising I checked just what the satellite radio button did. (On my car there is a button for satellite radio, but the actual satellite radio was never installed.) But that worked fine and we got round to the Sirius XM '80s station, there to listen and wonder why they were explaining that Martha Quinn wasn't hosting that day because she was on vacation. We don't dispute her right to take a vacation, but since the show is pre-recorded, and the interstitial material has to be written anyway, why not just have a double-length recording session and make it look like Martha Quinn is with us every week of the year?

Trivia: The first Mystery Melody for Stop The Music! was ``The Vision of Salome.'' After weeks without anyone getting it, producer Louis Cowan leaked the title to Walter Winchell. Source: Quiz Craze, Thomas A DeLong.

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