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Coati mundane
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Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

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If every sign that I see is complete then I'm a fool in your game

And what with this being near the start of the month it's a good chance to pause for The Price Is Right report. This covers the broadcasts from the 31st of December through the 1st of February, which is a pretty good block of time and included just the one playing of ``Pay The Rent'', for which the contestant bailed out at $10,000 rather than lose it all. Anyway, for those weeks, the winner of the Showcase Showdown was:

First Second Third
Month 16 19 13
Season 58 56 54

And for the mystery of whether the first- or the second-revealed Showcase wins at the end of the show, I find a curious point: they've gotten perfectly balanced this month. That would seem natural, except that I also looked at whether the show's hand was forced by dramatic necessity: ordinarily, if a person has a double showcase win, they'll be revealed second; similarly, an overbid will tend to be revealed second, to the point that Drew Carey even mentioned a few times that it was ominous when the first-revealed contestant was an overbid. Normally only a double overbid requires the first-revealed to be an overbid.

But this month --- particularly the last week of January --- were a lot of weird cases where the first-revealed showcase was an overbid, but the second won, and not by a double showcase win. They just went against audience expectation, and I wonder if that's in order to make dedicated fans of the show realize they can't guess what's coming up by whether Drew Carey goes to the left or the right of the stage.

First Revealed Second Revealed Double Overbid
Month 7 11 2
All 36 36 8
Unforced Month 4 10 -
Unforced Season 12 27 -

What's the significance of this? Nothing at all, naturally, although the feeling that I'm discovering things of how the show might work which aren't obvious to people is a fun one, and that's fun for me.

Trivia: When Sega of America launched the Genesis in the Los Angeles and New York markets, in August 1989, it came with the game Altered Beast. There were five other games available for the system: Thunder Force, Tommy Lasorda Baseball, Super Thunder Blade, Space Harrier II, and Last Battle. Source: The Ultimate History Of Video Games, Steven L Kent.

Currently Reading: Nancy Drew And The Women Who Created Her, Melanie Rehak.

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