April 19th, 2014

krazy koati

But I didn't see that the joke was on me

We got our badges, and drove across the street, which may sound wasteful but please remember that the road is incredibly busy and just past the crest of a hill so drivers do not get the best view of the pedestrians. Anyway, across the street from the con hotel was our hotel, a Holiday Inn Express, as well as a Kerby Coney Island where we could eat a very late breakfast and wonder at their vintage photographs of Detroit, including the dock where the ferry to Bob-lo Island once was. (It had, cut off, a slogan I'd like to see completed: ``A Park For [ ... ] And The Border [ ... ] '', if I have it right.)

After lunch it was close enough to check-in time we hoped we could get in, and the Holiday Inn people said sure, but it'd be a couple minutes because they were fully booked the night before and were still cleaning rooms. We sat with a mass of people in the breakfast nook/lounge area while being barraged by an alleged news channel telling us what people were tweeting about the news of the week. After a half-hour of this we gave up on their actually getting around to us and drove back across the street to the con, where we snooped around the dealer's room, where bunny_hugger considered options for commissions for her sketchbooks (of her, and of us), and we didn't quite find any of the merchandise compelling enough to buy, but we're at that stage in life where we'd just like to fiddle around with puppets.

That all filled enough time we could go back to the hotel and check in (``you just missed the rush'', the clerk explained, and bunny_hugger grumbled that we were part of the rush and only missed it because we gave up on them) and put our stuff away ahead of Opening Ceremonies, and, yeah, our fourth crossing of this one road in about two hours. The ceremonies went as you might figure, showing off a lot of optimism about the con and confusion about whether Motor City Fur Con really is a continuation of Furry Connection North, introducing the charity for the year, and I suppose they had guests of honor too.

After opening ceremonies was an open-mic stand-up comedy hour and I admit some interest in that because open-mic stand-up nights at previous cons have been engagingly bad. But we were tired and went back to the hotel room to rest a little, catch up on our comics, that sort of thing. Maybe we missed a well-formed anecdote that ended where it needed to, but, I can live with that risk.

I think the only scheduled panel we attended Friday was the Doctor Who panel, which turned out really great. There were only a couple people there, but they were wonderfully compatible with us about the things New Who does that drive us crazy. That or every New Who fan really is fed up with River Song and wants to see her eaten by vampire books again. It wasn't just grumping about New Who, I should point out, and there's a lot everyone involves likes in the new show, but it also included a lot of talk about the original series and enough detail about the audio adventures that we don't feel up to the challenge of listening to them.

The con also had a Bad Movie Night on Friday night. In speculating about what might be shown I tossed off Sharknado as a prospect and explained Highlander 2, so far as that can be explained, to bunny_hugger over dinner at Big Boy. The Bad Movie Night was, it turned out, recent bad movies, released to DVD or Blu-Ray in the past couple years, so indeed, Sharknado was on the screen when we poked in. We'd meant to just stop in a few moments and gape at the nonsense, but indeed, the movie is engagingly dopey, and there was that critical mass of people having fun. We ended up staying to the end of the movie.

Afterwards we went to the dance, where bunny_hugger got invited into the middle of a dance circle, as a string of people were. I wasn't brought in, because, well, possibly they saw what happens when I try to dance. But it closed out the first night on a really good note.

Trivia: In 1285, commissions were set up in London to address the problem of the air being ``infected and corrupted'' by coal smoke. Source: Coal: A Human History, Barbara Freese.

Currently Reading: Crystal Nights and Other Stories, Greg Egan.

PS: How Dirac Made Every Number, answering the math puzzle from a couple weeks ago.