April 21st, 2014

krazy koati

Oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was on me

There's letterboxes in Novi, as there are in many places. At a Furry Connection North years ago bunny_hugger went out to locate one that's very nearby the hotel, but she'd had to call it off because the path to the letterbox took her right past several backyards and one upset and very loudly barking dog. We didn't get there last year --- we went in search of a different letterbox and never found it --- but this year we had some outstandingly good weather and gave this one a try. While it's still along a path leading down some people's backyards, there weren't any upset dogs or curious homeowners noticing us, and we got to the hidden box, and stamp, and logbook, without incident.

The logbook was stuffed full, and included some random sheets of loose paper stuffed in by people who'd found the book full. It's the oldest logbook I've seen and it held the stamps of letterbox hunters from as much as seven years ago, the longest run I've seen in one of these. We found some empty pages where we could leave our stamps --- and felt a little foolish that we hadn't thought to bring a spare logbook in case the one in the box was full --- but we were also able to just barely squeeze in a hitchhiker, a letterbox stamp and log book that gets hidden inside another letterbox and is moved from box to box by its discoverers.

We had some responsibilities in the evening, as it was the weekend when the Devilbunnies gang has its monthly IRC gettogether, and so we went back to the hotel so bunny_hugger could be at the opening and see that stuff got off to the best possible start. Then we went to dinner.

I've gone forty years of my life without eating at Taco Bell. For the first half of that it wasn't any challenge since I don't believe any were near me, and after that, I never started because, eh, it's not like there isn't a McDonald's nearby I could go to instead. This could easily be built up to one of the legendary minor quirks of life, and one of the few things I hold in common with Isaac Newton or Leonardo of Pisa. bunny_hugger has been eating there for decades, though not so much lately because it's so much easier to eat vegetarian than it used to be, and perhaps out of worry about breaking my lifelong streak. Well, there's a Taco Bell just next to the Big Boy and all that, beside the hotel, and it was pretty absurd to go somewhere farther away and less convenient (or more expensive) to eat just for the sake of a streak about as meaningful as my lifelong failure to have actually seen any Indiana Jones movie. (I'm pretty sure I've got the whole Indiana Jones mythos down, what with my having seen pop culture and the like.)

So, I had a burrito and a cheese quesadilla, as well as some monstrous concoction of blue-flavored Diet Mountain Dew. And what did I think of it? Well, it wasn't bad. The burrito was a little bland, but the hot sauce improved it considerably and according to my dear bride, the five-layer burrito is considerably more interesting. I suppose it won't be another forty years before I eat in one again. While we were waiting around there was some incredibly complicated dispute going on with a customer who'd had to wait altogether too long and got the wrong food anyway, suggesting that this particular Novi-area Taco Bell was tottering on the brink of chaos. Or sometimes fast food places have lousy Saturday nights, especially when there's a steady dribbling of a dozen or so people wearing animal ears and costume tails staring in confusion at the menu options which may have changed or which they may never have seen before.

Trivia: The Fire Department of the City of New York, as established in 1791 and incorporated in 1798, was an organization for the relief of disabled or indigent firemen and their families. New York contributed money to it from fees and chimney fines. Source: Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898, Edwin G Burrows, Mike Wallace.

Currently Reading: The U.S. Economy In World War II, Harold G Vatter.