April 23rd, 2014

krazy koati

And I fell out of bed hurting my head from the things that I'd said

The very first thing on the con's schedule for Sunday morning was an Easter Egg Hunt. We didn't make it. It was at something awful like 10 am, and we'd have to get up an hour-plus earlier than that to be ready, and for how late we were out Saturday night and how tired we were it just didn't seem plausible that we'd make it. But we regretted missing it, since it was something we've never heard of at cons before, and seems like it should have been fun, especially when we heard about how there were eggs hidden in the light fixtures and stuff like that.

We did get up in time for the Bunnies panel, since bunny_hugger was hosting it, and despite the 11 am start we got a ... well, a modest crowd. The kind of crowd you'd get at 11 am on a Sunday. I know something has to take early hour sessions but why can't Bunnies get the 7 pm slot sometimes?

It went in the usual mode, though, with introductions of everyone and what they like about rabbits, and I went and spoiled one of the trivia questions bunny_hugger hoped to use to award one of the plush rabbits she was giving out. (The bunny panels at conventions have been a good way to reduce the surplus plush population without feelings of guilt or waste.) Somehow without our quite realizing it we got committed to attending one of the other panels in the day, one on the making of children's books, but the important thing is, the whole panel went off without someone from a carnivores sig intruding on the group.

After the panel we rushed back to the hotel so as to make sure we hadn't left anything behind when we packed. We had overlooked something, bunny_hugger's squirrel puppet, which would have been catastrophic to leave behind. But we made that last check, and, we haven't lost anything we've detected since then, and we officially checked out of the hotel. (I should mention we noticed on Friday that the hotel had a lot of cookies free for the taking in the evening. Saturday they had a couple cookies for the taking. Sunday, nothing. We don't know how to interpret this, but, we're supportive of hotels having cookies.)

We went back to the coney island next to our (non-con) hotel for lunch, since we had less than an hour until the Kids Books panel and somewhere close and diner-like seemed like the best option. It probably was, since we got seated right away and got our food almost before sitting down, despite the fact it was just after noon on a Sunday and the place was jammed full of people. I have to suppose the kitchen staff was warmed up and preparing our lunches was almost something they could do with stuff leftover from the orders for 24-party tables. Then it somehow took about four hours to get our check, again probably because everyone in southeast Michigan was at the restaurant. (But few furries, apparently; we didn't spot anyone with animal ears on.)

So we drove back across the street to the hotel, where we had to park in a slightly different spot. All weekend we'd been able to park in just about the same spot, in the first row of the parking lot, which is the sort of meaningless thing that you start to notice when you get pretty much the same spot parking five different times. It looked like the whole weekend would be one of a common parking spot but this one time broke the streak. We did get the old spot back, next time we went somewhere, for what that's worth. It's not worth much, but it was amusing at the time to us.

And then there was the Children's Books panel, which was a bit of explanation from one of our con-friends about how he'd got around to writing and illustrating a book, and the mechanics of going about doing this and how to work with the small-press publisher that he works with. This was a pretty well-attended panel, probably because it combines all sorts of things that furries like to circle around, what with it including art and writing and getting published. The panel also looked ready to run late, so we had to make our excuses, as it was time for the surely doomed Letterboxing panel.

Trivia: Based on declinations of compass needles at Walcheren and Danzig, Mercator predicted the magnetic pole would be found at 168 west degrees longitude and 79 degrees north latitude. Source: Mercator, Nicholas Crane. (It's at 147 west longitude and 86 degrees north today; I'm not sure where it was in Mercator's time of the late 16th century.)

Currently Reading: The U.S. Economy In World War II, Harold G Vatter.