April 25th, 2014

krazy koati

In history books your name they'll erase

It is difficult to identify the proximate and ultimate causes of the failed Turpid Moraine Moraine Project, as this complex and sinister web of factors can pretty much be blamed on the people getting this report, but the effort is worthwhile as it keeps the report-writer from having to unload the boxes of returned things or suffer physical retribution from the Moraine Moraine clients.

The rest of the tragic report is over on the humor blog, as you expected. Also run there since last week's guide How To Write Out Numbers have been:

Trivia: Benjamin Franklin's 1754 plan for colonial union proposed the North American colonies be lead by a governor general who would be a military man appointed and paid by the king. The Grand Council would have one or two representatives from each colony, roughly matching how much each colony made in tax payments to the general treasury. Source: The First American: The Life And Times Of Benjamin Franklin, H W Brands.

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