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Coati mundane
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Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

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There are eggs that need collecting and hens who are expecting

For Easter we spent the night before and the day of with bunny_hugger's parents. We also brought our rabbit despite his protestations of having to go in the carrier and be driven somewhere after less than a week back home. It was to be only overnight, so we left the mouse in his cage and trusted he'd be fine. (He might have feared being abandoned: when we got back he and his cage stank mightily.)

The evening before was a nice quiet time, with pizza for dinner, and sharing some of the candies we'd bought at Fabiano's the day before, and the decision to put off dyeing eggs until Sunday because everyone was kind of tired. We also learned that bunny_hugger's brother had moved, back in March, and nobody mentioned, which would complicate the small box of Easter candy she'd mailed him the day before.

We also got to play Devil Bunny Needs A Ham with her mother, who to our surprise seems to have taken to the game. The game produced a minor bit of side weirdness, in that the game requires dice which we didn't have. You'd think it'd be easy to find a dice-rolling app, preferably, one where you shake or at least swipe the iPod to do the rolling. And there are, but they all require the most recent versions of iOS to run, and bunny_hugger's iPod --- and my iPad, at that --- won't run anything past iOS 5. Yes, somehow, dice-rolling can only be done on the latest iPods for some reason? But bunny_hugger found a program to run this on her computer and after about an hour of play we learned how to change the number of dice thrown and to tilt the camera angle so they could always be read. Somehow, dice programs have gotten complicated.

Trivia: Joseph Rowntree's resistance to innovations such as advertising was extreme enough that a shop named Blanks relabelled Rowntree's Homeopathic Cocoa and added copy to the package. Rowntree notified Blanks that ``It is not a pure ground cocoa. It is not produced from the finest Trinidad Nuts. It is not the best for family use. In fact the whole thing is a sham, not very creditable to anyone concerned with it.'' Source: Chocolate Wars: The 150-Year Rivalry Between The World's Greatest Chocolate Makers, Deborah Cadbury.

Currently Reading: Nebula Awards Showcase 2013, Editor Catherine Asaro.

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