April 30th, 2014

krazy koati

And jelly beans will rot upon their heaps

Now, Easter Sunday, after waking up --- and I slept much later than I expected --- and having sweet rolls to eat we had fun puttering around with bunny_hugger's parents for most of the day.

There's a park near her parents' home, where bunny_hugger had years ago planted a letterbox which swiftly went missing. She'd re-carved the stamp, and we went out with her parents and their aged dogs to find a new spot for it. The park's lovely, running right by a small river, and also goes past a neat little spring that's got a ``Victory Spring - 1941'' pillar in it and a sign warning that it's unfit for drinking or washing. Unfortunately there's not much more information about it. There's also a former ice skating arena, the old letterbox's location, which now has no ice but does have three forlorn picnic tables taking up comically little space. Past that, going into the woods, we found an arrangement of trees so perfectly arranged as the spot for a letterbox that we half-expected to see one already there. So, we planted our third letterbox (counting the hitchhiker put out the Saturday before) in eight days.

The park's not far, but we drove, to save the dogs a fair bit of walking. They were exhausted from the walking they did anyway. The dogs leapt eagerly into the car, keeping bunny_hugger and her mother from having somewhere to sit, so her father brought them in (I commented the dogs thought it was a short trip but going anywhere was fun). Then everyone went out again and one of them still leapt into the back seat, on bunny_hugger's lap, and couldn't be reasoned with.

We did some egg-dyeing at last, some in the ways I'm familiar with --- dipping eggs in bowls, dipping eggs halfway into two different bowls, drawing with an invisible crayon before dipping --- and some in ways that still feel exotic and foreign even after last year's experience --- rolling an egg around in a cellophane bag with a couple drops of food dye, for a psychedelic pattern, or dropping some oil onto the food dye so that the eggs come out speckled. Also we dabbed stickers onto many of them, and have been spending the time since deciding which of the remaining eggs are least attractive as we eat them.

Then to dinner; bunny_hugger's mother made a vegetarian version of shepherd's pie, and a lot of it; our half of the leftovers would take three dinners to finish, and with pineapple upside-down cake for desert we finished off the night with that feeling of needing to curl up under a warm rock and digest for a month, which is the real meaning of every holiday.

Trivia: The first article of the 1882 United States-Korea treaty declares there ``shall be perpetual peace and friendship'' between the two countries, and that if a third power acted oppressively to either country they would exert their ``good offices ... to bring about an amicable arrangement''. Source: The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire and War, James Bradley.

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