May 13th, 2014

krazy koati

I've seen that road before; it always leads me here

After the flap with the banker, which was a week ago Thursday, we got up and packed and ready to go to Morphicon. bunny_hugger hasn't missed one since she started going to cons in 2008; I've been to a couple. What's novel is that the con and bunny_hugger's university schedule conspired to leave her free on Thursday, so we could drive down in the leisurely afternoon before the main event rather than early Friday the day the con proper starts. We could sleep in until we were ready to wake instead.

Setting out in the early afternoon was a generally good idea, though we didn't have a repeat of last year's rainbow clouds. We did have a curiously large number of Beatles and Beatle-composed songs come up on the random-shuffle of bunny_hugger's iPod --- and not a single Sparks tune until Monday! --- but randomness will be just bizarre sometimes. We also probably should have set out either an hour sooner or later because we got into Columbus just in the midst of rush hour. The last two miles took us something like a half-hour, partly from traffic, partly because all of Worthington, Ohio, is under highway reconstruction. At least bunny_hugger noticed a creepy-looking house by the side of the road (which would not, far as we encountered, be featured in the con theme of ``Howls, Growls, and Things Afoul'').

Since we were there the day before the con, and we were pre-registered, getting through registration was quick. The only stumbling block was the one we always have. They gave us a clipboard with the behavior policy and disclaimers and whatnot, and I thought they told us we had to fill out everything on it (real name, badge name, address, and so on), and no, since we were preregistered we just needed to write our names and sign. As a result my pen will run out literally several dozen words sooner.

There wasn't much happening at the con Thursday night; in past years there've been dances and karaoke, but a dance room wasn't apparently available for Thursday night, and they would turn out not to have karaoke at all this year, alas. We went out for dinner, finding a fast-food Mexican place that gives all the atmosphere of being a new franchisee in maybe its first month of being. A guy who looked like the manager or owner made much of our dinner and hovered around checking on each of the patrons. It's one of those Moe's-class restaurants where they build your burrito in front of you, and give you a staggering array of options at each of about twelve steps in construction, and they stumped me with the string of questions and my desire to have something fairly hot but not impossibly so. A string of pretty arbitrary answers got to a burrito that was rather good, really. We'll have to stop in there next year, if they're still around.

Trivia: The Strawbridge & Clothier department store at the northeast corner of Market and Eighth Street in Philadelphia was at the location where Thomas Jefferson had worked as Secretary of State when the capital moved to Philadelphia in 1790. Source: The Grand Emporiums: The Illustrated History of America's Great Department Stores, Robert Hendrickson.

Currently Reading: The Golem And The Jinni, Helene Wecker.

PS: 15,000 And A Half, some math blog updates and corrections.