May 19th, 2014

krazy koati

And no one's gonna save you

The Fursuit Parade was the first thing worth our attention Saturday morning at Morphicon, and while bunny_hugger, suited up despite the pain her contacts inflicted on her eyes, waited in the room where people got organized I scouted out the parade route, as best I could figure it out, and found what looked like the right spot. This would be a spot where not only would the parade turn, but also where it would come back so I could get a second chance at photographing people. And the sunlight would be coming over my shoulder, too. If this weren't miraculous enough, consider this: while waiting for the parade to start I overheard several people talking about Obamacare, and nobody said anything that made me want to slug them. I swear.

I took a movie, rather than still pictures, since I've learned that photographs of fursuit parades never look as interesting as the thing in motion does. I saved photographs for when everyone was gathered outside; bunny_hugger was able to get nearer the front and be not too terribly obstructed. The quad suiter who'd been at the con last year wasn't there, but there were enough people posing and clowning around to make for a good group.

There should have been a group photo of all the fursuiters from the parade, taken by the con, but I'm not sure if it was quite held. bunny_hugger had to bow out relatively early, leading the crowd dispersal, because the contact lens was hurting her eyes so. It felt like something was in her eye but I couldn't see anything, which isn't to say I didn't think I saw an eyelash when I examined her eye, but apparently it just needed an alarming amount of time to heal.

Since we hadn't had breakfast or lunch, we figured to eat, and while there was evidence of sandwich-based activity in con suite there weren't any meal-type foods left by the time we were ready. So we drove across the street to the Panera Breads and got soup-and-sandwiches which we ate on the patio even though it was a little on the cool and windy side for that. It gave us the chance to notice a bank within that strip mall had been rebranded as a Telhio Credit Union, which is notable only because their drive-up ATM was inside a giant white metal box of the kind I associate with used-clothing drops. I'm sure that was a perfectly legitimate drive-up ATM. Also their main road-visible sign was in black-and-white while the smaller logos were in color. Again, I'm sure this was all for perfectly legitimate normal reasons and there's no local weirdness behind it all.

Saturday would be the least-scheduled thing for us: we had a couple things we wanted to see or get to, but nothing really compelling. On little more than a whim we went back for the Squirrelly Jack show. Squirrelly Jack is a guy who's, if we have this right, a semi-professional Michael Jackson impersonator, and he put on a full hourlong show, complete with set breaks, costume changes, and a couple (fursuited) backup dancers, doing various of Michael Jackson's more memorable songs. We'd seen him walking the halls the previous year, and on Friday, but hadn't known just how generally good his whole performance was. Between this and the Look Left concert at Motor City Fur Con, the level of semi-professional musical performances at furry conventions is getting pretty serious.

Trivia: The Confederate Constitution retained the United States Constitution's counting of slaves as three-fifths of a person for the purposes of taxation and congressional representation. Source: The Confederate Nation, 1861 - 1865, Emory M Thomas.

Currently Reading: The Darien Disaster, John Prebble.

PS: Reading the Comics, May 18, 2014: Pop Math of the 80s Edition, as there've been a lot of mathematics comics the last couple days.