June 21st, 2014

krazy koati

Come on let's twist again, like we did last summer

Last year bunny_hugger and I took an epic, weeklong tour of the amusement parks in Pennsylvania. We found and fell in love with Conneaut Lake Park, and I got to see Kennywood (before the rain) and bunny_hugger remarked it was a shame she only got to Kennywood every couple years. But, especially after the Rain Check Trip, Kennywood didn't seem so outrageously far away, and why couldn't we go again? Particularly since we could see Conneaut Lake Park before its possible doom at the hands of a tax sale at the end of this season, and we might get to see the Tuscora Park which was rained out on us last year.

And that's the seeds of our Western Pennsylvania Parks Tour, the first of our planned amusement park tours for the summer. In many ways it's a slightly shorn version of the Pennsylvania Parks Tour: the goal was Tuscora and the western Pennsylvania parks, not venturing out to Lakemont, DelGrosso's, or Knoebels; and setting aside whole days for both Conneaut Lake Park and for Waldameer, which we'd had compressed together to one amazing experience last year.

We kicked off the Tour by driving into Ohio, to Mansfield, for the Richland Carrousel, famous creating the modern hand-carved carousel industry, and we took a couple of rides on it. We also noticed the carousel's gift shop included CDs of other carousel music --- of course it would --- but one of them was a set of Christmas songs from the carousel at Lake Compounce. Lake Compounce, in Bristol, Connecticut, is on our list of the parks we mean to visit on the New England Parks Tour (tentatively set for next year), and while we're not surprised they have a Christmas Carousel CD for sale, what's going on that it was in the gift shop here? There's something going on in the carousel-music-trade we should know more about.

After the museum closed I was feeling a little hungry and asked whether we ought to try finding something ``on the order of a bearclaw'', which delighted bunny_hugger because after our visit last year, after the museum closed, I'd said the same thing. Last year that led us on a trip around downtown Mansfield where we learned everything closed about two hours earlier, or maybe in 1968, and so we took that experience and figured to leave town in favor of New Philadelphia, where Tuscora Park was, instead. We had some cookies in the car, anyway.

Our satellite navigator took us through some pretty depressed-looking neighborhoods last year. This year it just took us directly out of town. We're not sure what we did differently; I think we maybe missed a turn last year and got caught in a maze of one-way streets. This time was easy.

Trivia: Isaac Newton preferred to write xx to represent the square of x. Wilhelm Leibniz preferred x2. Source: A History of Mathematical Notations, Florian Cajori.

Currently Reading: The Age of Radiance: The Epic Rise and Dramatic Fall of the Atomic Era, Craig Nelson.

PS: 16,000 and a Square, as I hit a milestone on my mathematics blog and the trivia thing from today really tickled me.