August 17th, 2014

krazy koati

Sink's been stopped up all summer

So to a less generally-genial topic: the first day of the roofing we discovered the pipes had stopped up, when the sink started to overflow during a shower. This was a serious clog, the kind of thing taking hours to drain a couple inches of water, and not at all amenable to plungers. The plumbers we normally use couldn't make it for several days, but we trusted that the drain rate might be slow but at least it was there and we've had generally good service from these plumbers before and, besides, they could use the trip to fix a nagging little drip in the kitchen faucet. It also provoked us to go out to some of the restaurants in the area we haven't been to in ages for lunches and dinners that wouldn't require us to wash dishes or let things sit in the dishwasher.

But doing with as little water as possible gets really old, quickly, especially as the drain rate declined further and baling water out of the sink got especially tired. Mercifully, the appointment arrived, first thing in the morning, and the plumber looked at it and poked around and determined that he couldn't do anything but he offered a number of a higher-level plumbing service that might be able to do something.

Fortunately they were able to come out in a couple hours. They reported that there was a bunch of metal clogging one of the major pipes. The higher-order plumber had the sort of stuff to drain that out, though, and in undre an hour or so we had nice, fresh, running water again, without issue. All that was left was to scrub the sink several times over with bleach because it had been a pretty bad week for the sink.

From the higher-order plumber's description it seems likely that all the roof work knocked some loose junk of some kind into the pipes, which does explain the odd coincidence of the problem arising just as the roofing started being done, and getting a little bit worse the next day.

The regular plumber wasn't able to do anything about the kitchen faucet, besides prescribe replacing the whole faucet setup with one we buy ourselves or with one the plumbers buy from us. So that's waiting to be done, too.

Trivia: The M-1, a wooden mockup of the Lunar Module ascent stage and crew compartment, was unveiled to the Mercury astronauts and several leading NASA officials on 16 September 1963. A few days later a chalk mark was put on the floor to indicate where the landing legs would appear from inside the cabin. Source: Moon Lander: How We Developed The Apollo Lunar Module, Thomas J Kelly.

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