September 12th, 2014

krazy koati

How I love to hear the demolition sound of concrete crashing to the ground

Pinball league this week was one of those nights in which things were kind of chaotic and, properly speaking, terrible, but terrible in the way that gets to be recounted in personal lore as a weird and wonderful thing that other people can't believe they missed. And so I offer for the comic value a report on How The Pinball Machines Broke Down. The description of what happened on Indiana Jones is utterly and absolutely true.

Other things that have run on the humor blog since last week's big piece ``When Swords Dance And Porridge Explodes'' have been:

Please enjoy, if you will.

Trivia: In 1793, Britain's ambassador to China, Lord George Macartney, agreed to kowtow (bowing, kneeling, and touching the forehead to the floor nine times) to the Emperor of China, on the condition that the emperor's courtiers do the same to a portrait of King George III (which Macartney had). The Chinese declined and so neither party kowtowed. Source: A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped The World, William J Bernstein.

Currently Reading: Smuggler Nation: How Illicit Trade Made America, Peter Andreas.